Who is ready for a day of hiking? A lot of preparations must be made before heading on to the great outdoors. You should pack your things days before the trip, prepare your meals in the cooler, have the proper protective clothing, and so on. Some of the things to prepare for a hiking trip are very accessible, but there are specific things which you should really ponder on. Wearing the right footwear for hiking is important for a great number of reasons. They are designed to give you safety, withstand the harsh environments, and still give you the maximum comfort during long trails. Which is why a great pair of hiking shoes can also be pricey. It is a great investment though, so you should really think about getting one if you are a hiking enthusiast.

There is a difference between hiking boots and hiking shoes. Hiking boots are footwear designed to give you maximum stability and support. They also give you great ankle support and are the safer option. Hiking boots are much preferred for longer trails. Hiking shoes on the other hand do not give the same level of stability and ankle support than hiking boots. They are more lightweight for greater mobility and are used for shorter trails.

If you think that your typical running shoes are enough for a short hiking trip, think again. You do not want to be the person at the back of the trail because of hurting feet or an unwanted injury. We have listed for you the most popular hiking boots and hiking shoes of 2019.
Here are the most popular hiking shoes of 2019.


Saucony has been successful through the years in giving their customers the best trail runners.  The Saucony Peregrines have been one of the best hiking shoes of all time. the Saucony Peregrine 8 is the redesign for 2018 and has newly added features. It is a trail running shoe with comfortable padding, a roomy toe box, and a soft sole. The new addition is the durable rubber outsoles that offer better traction compared to previous Peregrine models.


Moab for Merrell means, Mother of all boots, which why you should expect the best quality with these pair of boots. The Merrell Moab is one of the most popular hiking boots of all time. Merrell is known for bringing us high-quality boots for years now, and to date, they are still making improvements. The version 2.0 of the Moab will not disappoint you. It is a hiking boot that stands out above the rest because it is lightweight, durable, and affordable. These shoes are very comfortable and are made with a mix of suede leather and breathable mesh.

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