Activated charcoal can be made from a variety of sources such as bamboo, coconut shells, wood and coal. It has a ton of uses that has been spiking up a trend in the market. The benefits of activated charcoal are plenty and it stems from its porous nature which is created through the exposure of very high temperatures and certain gases. More and more people are being aware of its uses and has become a must have item for every household. Here is a list of its benefits

1. Oral Health

Word has it that activated charcoal effectively whitens teeth and prevents bad breath. It works by absorbing the plaque that builds up in your teeth and the bacteria that produces bad breath. It’s proven to be antibacterial and detoxifying. You can by your own charcoal toothbrush and toothpaste and see the results for yourself.

2. Water filtration

Activated charcoal can also be used as a natural water filter. It works by trapping the chemicals infused with the water but is not as effective with bacteria and hard water minerals. It can detoxify ordinary tap water that is laden with chemicals, making it safer to drink. You can make your own inexpensive water filter that uses activated bamboo charcoal and have clean water all the way.

3. Digestive Health

Being used in ancient Chinese medicine, activated charcoal can be used in helping with health problems like gas and bloating. It prevents intestinal gas from gas-causing by products in food and binds them. It can also help in removing the toxins and harmful parasites present in our gut. Helping to improve our digestive health.  Charcoal tablets are sold for this purpose, but you should consult a health expert first before consuming them.

4. Mold and Odor prevention

Mold growth is another common issue in homes that must be treated quickly. Toxic mold is the cause of many health problems like headaches, impaired body functions, kidney failures, and depression. If its growth is evident in any area of your home especially in damp places like the kitchen and laundry room. You can use a bag of activated charcoal to eliminate them. You can also get rid of terrible odors this way. It’s an easy and quick fix that can absorb the bacteria that promotes mold growth.

We are exposed to many kinds of toxins every day. Activated charcoal is effective in many kinds of aspects. From black burger buns to beauty products, it’s a trend that is deemed safe. But you should seek a health expert first before ingesting them because it can also absorb nutrients from our body. Aside from that, activated charcoal is a wonderful ingredient that can help cleanse and flush out toxins from our body and improve overall health.

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