We all know how tired you are after eight (or even more) hours of working at the office. You may even more tired than we expect that you don’t have time to even change your clothes and go straight to bed. One thing people didn’t know is that your before-sleep routine is just as important your morning routine. It is important that we remember to do these small things before we go to sleep in order to make us more prepared for the day to come after we wake up.

1. Washing Your Face

Makeup that you applied or dirt or oil that you accumulated throughout the day can give you horrible acne if you keep them with you overnight. Make sure you cleanse your face before sleeping. Use toners to soothe and you could also apply moisturizer to rejuvenate your face.

2. Drink Lemon Water or Green Tea

Boosting metabolism, antioxidants and hydration levels – these are just some of the health benefits if you drink both lemon water and green tea. Drinking these can soothe you into a state of peace and serenity, removing all your stress from the day that had passed.

3. Clean Your Space

A clean space is a clear mind. Before you sleep, take a few minutes to put away all the clutter, wash the dishes or whatever mess that needs cleaning. In this way, you’ll wake up to an organized space in the morning, keeping you away from the stress that it would cause on the next day. While you’re at it, you could also prepare your stuff for tomorrow. This way, you would have lesser things to think about, like looking for your missing shoe, looking for a good tie, etc.

4. Meditate

In speaking of clear minds, you could take a few minutes to breathe deeply and meditate. If you don’t know how there are apps that could guide you through easy meditations. By meditating, you could feel much lighter and much more relaxed, ready to sleep like a baby and ready to get going and face the stresses that tomorrow will bring with a calm and steady outlook.

5. Get to Bed Early

5. Get to Bed Early

The ideal length of sleep is as we know it – eight hours. Getting less than eight hours of sleep can cause weight gain, raise of stress hormones or cortisol levels, and a weaker immune system. So, if you have to wake up early, you have to sleep early as well. In this way, you wouldn’t have to steal naps when you’re already at work.

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