The Bullet Journal is another form of journal keeping. However, instead of writing out every thought and details that happened the entire day, journal keepers are encouraged to make, as the name suggests, a bullet point of the most important things that happened. It’s considered to be a more relaxing alternative that’s easier to maintain and keep up with.

In addition to jotting down bullet points of the day’s events, Bullet Journals are also known for having “special pages” meant to motivate users to explore their creativity and make it easier for them to keep track of specific things. 

If you’re also interested in this method, here are a few examples of the pages you may want to include in your journal:

Movie List

Pretty basic, the movie list is a page dedicated to the new movies you’ve seen during the year or movie marathon ideas. This may be done by setting aside a page for all movie ticket stubs, a drawing of a film strip filled in with movie titles, or a simple list.

Reading List

If you’re an avid reader or a former avid reader keen on reading more books, why not start a list for your to-read and finished reads every month? Make the list even more creative by doodling a 2D library for you to color in once you’ve completed a book.

New Things I Learned

A fun and interesting page to keep track of all the new things you’ve learned. You can list down anything new and weird you’ve discovered such as learning that there are no male cows or that the length of your foot is the same from your elbow to your wrist.

Health Care Menu

Writing on your journal and doodling are not the only health-care routines you can start practicing. Set aside a page for two for a Health Care Routine Menu. Add activities that relax you such as taking a nap, getting a manicure, or lying in bed with a cup of cocoa. Then when you find yourself going through one of those cloudy days, pick an item and practice self care


Events Calendar

Besides using your journal to remember what happened to your day, you can use it to also remember every special occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays throughout the year. Create a calendar and list them down.

Mood Tracker

This page serves as a tracker and summary of your mood throughout the year. Journal keepers usually make 365 boxes for every day of the year. Then, they pick a color to summarize how they felt that day. The widely used colors are Green for Happy, Yellow for Neutral, Red for Angry, and Blue for Sad. However, you can use any color scheme and as many hues as you want.

To Do List

The To Do List of Bucket List page is probably the most common page. It’s where you write down the things you want to do, try, or accomplish before the year ends. See, keeping a bullet journal has many uses beyond just memory keeping.

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