Black Boots (Pretty Woman)

The black boots may look like any regular thigh-high leather boots. But Julia Roberts character, Vivian Ward, and her incredibly long legs surely made it memorable. This trusty pair also proves useful as storage for everything a gal needs such as a pack of gum, money, and rubber. It was even featured on the iconic movie poster although she was wearing a different dress.

Blue Manalo Blahniks (Sex and the City)

Carrie Bradshaw can be really annoying to watch but it’s undeniable that girl has got a taste for fashion, especially the expensive things. The Manalo Blahniks high heels were encrusted with crystals and made with blue satin. It was worn by Carrie on the Sex and the City Movie released in 2008 and was also used by Mr. Big by the end of the movie to propose to her.

Glass Shoes (Cinderella)

Probably the most uncomfortable shoes ever imaginable that perfectly fits one maiden’s foot but is surprisingly easy enough to slip out off. Introducing the magical sparkling glass shoes from Cinderella.

Nike Mag (Back to the Future II)

Yet another popular pair of sneakers by Nike featured on one of the most famous movie franchises, Back to the Future II. This pair which was worn by the time-traveling hero, Marty McFly, is a futuristic pair of sneakers that lights up and self-laces. It became so famous that Nike actually worked on creating a working model, the limited edition Hyper-Adapt genius footwear which was revealed in 2017 (2 years after the setting of the movie).

Ruby Shoes (The Wizard of Oz)

You can’t create a list of the most famous shoes in the world without mentioning the Ruby Shoes from The Wizard of Oz, one of the most beloved children’s book adaptations. The lovely pair of kitten heels covered in the red sequence was originally owned by the Wicked Witch of the East and later given by Glinda the Good Witch to wandering Dorothy Gale.

White Keds (Dirty Dancing)

Besides the impressive choreography and soundtrack of Dirty Dancing, what’s probably the most surprising is how Baby Houseman’s classic white Keds remained immaculate throughout the events of the movie. How she managed to keep it clean is truly a mystery.

Yellow Shoes (Kill Bill)

Billy’Lo has a fondness for theatrics in her fighting style and apparently her wardrobe choices. You have to appreciate her color coordinating the entire thing though. She had enough confidence to wear a completely yellow tracksuit which probably makes her an easier target to spot and wears matching yellow sneakers that perfectly matches the color of her outfit. Her tiger shoes are also decorated with a special love note for every kick.

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