Styling your hair can be really fun. You can curl it, straighten it, updo, braids, pigtails, ponytails, or just put it on a messy bun. You can really express what you feel and what your vibe is with your crowning glory. Hair makes us feel beautiful and also boosts our confidence. We love our hair so much that we are so scared of going bald. Which is why it is only essential that we take good care of our hair on a daily basis.

Even though each of us has a hair care routine that is strictly followed, there are some things that we cannot really avoid. If you are getting paranoid by the day about the amount of hair you are losing then you must be one of those that check every sign of hair loss. Are you always alarmed by how large clumps of hair are getting stuck on the drain after every shower you take? Do you notice how much hair gets pulled on to the brush when you comb your hair? Are you bothered by how much hair gets shed even when you just run your fingers through? Getting paranoid can’t be helped. To make you feel secure, we will tell you how much hair loss is actually normal.

It is estimated that each person has around 100 000 strands of hair on their heads. There has been a lot of debate of the range of hair loss in a day but they are pretty close to each other. The average is that a person losses more or less a hundred strands of hair each day. Experts believe that women shed more hair than men becasue of their hairstyling choices. There are a lot of things that women do to their hair that could actually damage it and cause more hair loss.

You can’t possibly count all the strands of hair you lose in a day just to check if it is under 100. You should not stress too much about this issue because stress can actually lead to more hair loss. What you can do at home to test if you have abnormal hair loss is to conduct a pull test. There are several different pull tests online that have different methods. One method says that you should run your fingers on a clean, small, dry area of your hair. Tug it gently until you reach the ends of your hair. If two to three strands are left in your hands then you might be experiencing a condition.

If you are noticing that your hair loss is not normal then you can change your lifestyle, diet, and amount of stress you are dealing with. If you want to be extra sure then we suggest that you get professional help. Your physician can really help you a lot about this issue and will make you feel assured.

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