Yoga has been around since ancient times. It has existed for centuries now and it is still very much popular today. Yoga is a wellness exercise, the union of the mind and body. It consists of a pattern of stretches, poses, balances, strengthening movements, all focused on breathing techniques. It is considered as one of the most widely practiced forms of exercise all over the world. Yoga has become more mainstream than ever which is why people are persuaded to try it. If you are not yet considering trying yoga then keep on reading. You might want to buy a yoga mat after this. Here are the reasons why you should give yoga a try.

Beginner-Friendly Exercise and Low Impact

People have developed a negative mentality with exercise and associate it with a form of punishment. For some people, exercise such as running on a treadmill to burn off fat or carrying weights is punishment for them. This mentality is unnecessary and unhealthy which gives exercising a bad rep. Yoga is a great way to sway away from this mentality and teach yourself that exercise is a good thing.

Stress relief

Yoga is a well-known form of exercise that helps people to relieve stress. There have been countless studies that have proven yoga as a great stress reliever. Yoga is a stress reliever which makes it a good exercise for beginners who want to start doing exercise.

Better heart health

Cardio is the most well-known way to improve heart health. But did you know that even though you are not sweating off on the treadmill or get exhausted from doing jumping jacks, you can still improve your heart health? There have been studies dedicated to finding out the effectivity of yoga in improving heart health. Results of these studies found out doing regular yoga can reduce body cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and reduce resting heart rate.

Good for mental health and mood

In any yoga class, meditation is a regular and important part. It is proved to improve one’s mood and even treat depression. Although there are questions as to how yoga can improve one’s mood, there is preliminary evidence which suggests that the benefits of yoga are similar to those of relaxation techniques and exercise.

You can do it at home

What’s great about yoga is that you can do it at the comfort of your own home. Yes, it is still different if you go to a yoga studio where you have the presence of an instructor. But you can just search for videos online on poses and techniques which you can copy at home. Yo don’t really get the whole yoga experience but it is a good start.

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