Sports is more than just a physical activity or a game. It’s a passion that requires both will and heart. Not everyone can do it. But those that do dedicate themselves may find long-lasting friendships, learn valuable life lessons, and more.

And to celebrate the common love for sports, here are 7 sports-themed movies you should see:

A League of Their Own (Baseball)

With the number of male athletes growing smaller due to World War II, Cubs owner Walter Harvey turns to supporting a women’s baseball league. He hires Jimmy Dugan to coach the team which includes sisters Dottie and Kit. However, the crowd are not as welcoming to the new league and, due to Dottie’s being more naturally athletic, a growing rivalry grows between the sisters.

Invictus (2009)

A few years after being released from a 27 year imprisonment, Nelson Mandela became the first black President of South Africa. He soon becomes painfully aware though of his country suffering from a great divide brought by racial differences. This becomes even more evident when he attends a rugby match where the black South Africans loudly cheer for the opposing team and not their own team, the Springboks, which is made up of white South African athletes.

Happy Gilmore (Golf)

Foulmouthed Happy Gilmore has always dreamed of becoming a professional hockey player. However, he discovers that he’s rather exceptionally gifted in another sport, golf. And when his grandmother is threatened to become homeless, he decides to raise the money to help her by winning a professional golf tournament. The well-mannered and affluent professionals though are not as happy about it.

Rocky (Boxing)

Apollo Creed, a heavyweight boxing champion plans on having a match at the same time as the United States Bicentennial. However, the first choice for his opponent suffers from an injury and all other replacements are unavailable. Not wanting to stop the event, Creed instead chooses Rocky Balboa, a small-time boxer, as a publicity stunt, assuming it would be an easy fight. But Rocky proves to be anything but easy.

The Karate Kid (Karate)

After moving to Southern California with his mother, Daniel becomes a target of bullying by a group of students from a brutal dojo called Cobra Kai. But one night, the eccentric handyman from his apartment, Mr. Miyagi, steps in and defeats the bullies with ease. Daniel immediately asks to be his student to protect himself. Mr. Miyagi agrees though insists on teaching him a compassionate practice of karate.

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