This policy describes the collection and use of information from the users of this Site. Please read this policy in full. By accessing or using this Site and its services, you agree to be bound by this policy. If you do not agree to this policy or wish to withdraw your consent, please do not use this Site.


  • Product Order – When you place an order on this Site, we collect the personally identifiable information you provide voluntarily, including, but not limited to, your name, email address, zip code, postal address, telephone or cellphone number, credit or debit card information, and/or PayPal account.
  • Survey – When you answer a survey or other forms from this Site, we may collect more personal information, including, but is not limited to, your name, birth date, gender, marital status, email address, zip code, postal address, telephone or cellphone number, service provider, credit or debit card information, PayPal account, interests, and employment status. This is voluntary, and you are under no obligation to answer surveys.
  • Email/Call – When you correspond with our Company’s customer service representatives through email or call, we may collect information, including, but is not limited to, your name, email address, zip code, postal address, telephone or cellphone number, credit or debit card information, PayPal account, transaction number, and product order details.
  • Site Access – Immediately upon accessing our Site, we collect the Log Data sent by your browser which includes, but is not limited to, your Internet Protocol “IP” address, geographic area, date of visit, duration of visit, and number of visits.
  • Cookies – We may use Cookies which are small downloadable files that provide information from your visit to our Site, including, but is not limited to, the date of your visit, the duration of your visit, the pages you visited, the buttons or links you clicked, the number of visits, and browser used to access our Site. You may refuse the use of Cookies by disabling it in your browser settings. However, it may prevent you from using some services offered on this Site.


  • Identify Users – We collect information primarily to identify users and unique visits to our site.
  • Provide Customer Service – We use the information to respond to inquiries, resolve problems, and complete order transactions.
  • Improve Website and Services – We analyze and study the information we collect to track the performance of our Site, to understand user experience, to provide better customized content, and improve our Site and its services.
  • Send Promotional Materials – We may use the email address you provide to occasionally send promotional or marketing materials, discount and promo coupons, and more product information.
  • Send Notifications – We may contact users through email or call to send notifications about changes on this policy, updates on product orders, and/or news about the company.


  • We implement generally accepted measures of security including malware scanning.
  • The information we collect are stored in an encrypted database protected with Secret Socket Layer “SSL” technology.
  • We do not share, sell, trade or disclose the information we collect to other individuals, businesses, companies, or third parties. They are used only for the purposes stated on this policy.
  • User information are stored in our database for a minimum of 2 years. Upon your request or when they are no longer used, the information is permanently and safely deleted from the database.
  • You may request to access your information on our database by emailing Please inform us immediately should you need to make updates or changes. You may also withdraw your consent to this policy by emailing us to permanently delete your information.


  • We reserve the right to change, add and/or modify this policy at any time.
  • Changes will be uploaded on this page. An announcement will be posted on the home page and the “Last Edited” will be updated.
  • The new policy will be effective once uploaded and will cover all information including those collected before the changes were made.


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